Helping At-Risk Youth Succeed

 Many young student athletes spend their precious time narrowly focused on winning. This can lead to missing out on the true value of their development -– how it builds character, discipline and time-management skills. The lack of these essential life skill-sets can put them at risk and unprepared for the next stages of their lives.

A narrow focus on sports, lack of resources, limited education, lack of confidence, fear of failure and, conversely, assumption of success, can all be barriers to their future success.

Our vision is to utilize sports to help at-risk youth develop into well-rounded individuals ready to succeed in life. Our programs connect the discipline and perseverance they gain on the field and the court to their personal, academic and professional success. 

Our proven programs are designed to:

  • Develop character
  • Help youth become well-rounded 
  • Prepare student athletes for life after sports
  • Create discipline and structure that becomes opportunity