Life Skill

Life Skills Curriculum

Athlete Connections Foundations life skills curriculum has been revised and converted to a virtual learning platform to accommodate and supplement the online needs of educational institutions and athletic departments. Athlete Connections Foundation has designed a cutting edge online curriculum to equip young physical education students with a virtual course that will assist in preparing for Leadership and Life Skills.

We are excited to launch our new virtual online life skills curriculum called “The Playbook”. The life skills curriculum is being taught by prestigious educational institutions such as University of Florida and University of South Florida Athletic “Champs and Life Skills” Departments. This curriculum is also designed for high school and middle school institutions that promote and teach life skills to their students.

Athlete Connections Foundation has strategically designed a content “push”system that automatically sends assignments to enrolled students on a custom-designed delivery schedule. This proactively keeps students engaged, while a “Smart”delivery feature allows subsequent content to be delivered by instructor/facilitator upon audience response only. Our system integrates with all media types, including audio, images, and video.

The online journaling system enables its members to archive all of their class work in a simple, secure, organized fashion. Optional social networking pages offer a forum as well as the ability to interact easily with students and the instructor. Our built in assessment tools allow administrators to build custom assessments and assignments with an auto archive feature.

Athlete Connections Foundation technical team partners can customize our online curriculum to cater to your institution with custom school logo, colors, banners, banner ads, fonts and custom page creation. Our built in registration system allows easy virtual (i.e. tele-seminar or webinar) or live classroom sign in and registration and tracking to monitor all students whether in class online or out of class online.

Our contributing editors Dr. Harold Shinitzky (sports psychologist), Jacqui Williams M.S, Dr. Keith Carodine (Senior Associate Athletic Director of Academic Affairs) and Dan Cross (University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame Member) team up to offer the ultimate life skills curriculum that will ultimately prepare student athletes for life.

Please contact Athlete Connections to inquire how to purchase this cutting edge technology for your institution.