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Our Mission

Athlete Connections Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is designed to utilize sports to teach at-risk youth that lessons learned on the field and the court build character and teach essential life skills. We do this through proven programs designed to empower student athletes to reach their highest academic and athletic potential, inspiring personal excellence.

The skills that are taught are designed to correlate with all life experiences and encounters while providing a positive experience.

Our Goals:

To promote and increase participation in sports programs and activities for at-risk youth:

a.   Identifying youth with an interest, need and skill to participate in sports

b.   Increasing scholarships and funding for amateur student athletes

c.   Recruit college students and business professionals as mentors to develop positive mental health, fitness and wellness environments.

To improve education awareness, self-esteem and attitude:

a.    Offering volunteer opportunities for high school and college students

b.    Expanding awareness on education, crime, alcohol and drug use

c.    Recruiting local sponsors, businesses and volunteers

To use positive social media networks for exposure to higher education and personal development: 

a.    Expanding awareness of social media as it relates to personal development

b.    Encouraging coaches and college institutions to offer scholarships for higher

c.    Encouraging, organizing and expanding community service projects

Program outcomes:

1.    Improvement in school attendance and academic performance

2.    Reduction of juvenile delinquency and negative behaviors

3.    Increased participation in community service 

4.    Increased personal and social responsibility 

5.    Decrease in drug and alcohol use 

6.    Improvement of life skills and problem-solving skills

7.    Higher participation in youth sports programs and activities

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